July 29th, 2002

torn sky

A day of Everything(2)

I'm entertained.


I can't decide if what you're saying is too profound for me to comprehend or just insane.

Your website makes me want to remove my brain with a rusty spoon

See, also, screw like mad wombats.

no one cares about your homepage

Bathing cats in the toilet

If you teach your kids to put bagels in microwaves, I will not be responsible for the consequences

I once helped Jason Priestley's girlfriend find his dick

That which does not kill me makes me breakfast


You'd be long gone if you didn't have the ability to operate the can opener.

It does not take hours to wipe your behind, unless you dropped a huge load and something went terribly wrong.

Kitty is one of the best-behaved cats I've ever seen, retarded and deformed or not. So there.

...at least one contemporary theory states that even William Shatner could be improved with breasts.
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    David Holmes - Gone (K & D Mix)