monday, aug. 26th, 2002

9:05 am - Coffee

(These few entries were written in class and typed up later. Adjust accordingly.)

I have had so much caffeine I can barely walk, let alone sit still. Work started at 6:00 this morning. If you know me, (and I'd like to think that maybe you do) then you'll know that's more a time I go to sleep rather than get up. To add to the horror, I didn't go to bed last night until 1:30. After less than four hours of sleep, wakign up for a day full of work and class is not the most cheerful idea.

I normally do not like coffee. In fact, it is probably the beverage most reviled by Smittys everywhere. Today, though, it was my savior. I made a big ol' pot of extra-strong regular blend because one of the residents wanted some. He only had one cup. I had most of the rest - six cups of caffeinated, sugar-loaded gloriousness.

In light of this experience, I am forced to admit there is such a thing as too much caffeine. At least I'm not about to fall asleep in class. I'd be nodding off by now under normal circumstances. I wonder how long this buzz will last...I hope I don't crash until after my English class at least.

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9:30 am

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I thought of how much I forget lately and how confused I get generally. I think I'm getting old-timers' disease or something; by thirty-five I should be totally incoherent 24/7 if my estimates are correct.

Then again, maybe the fact I remember this now proves my precious brain cells aren't in as much danger as originally thought.

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9:35 am - As I'm sure you're dying to know...

Today, I kept my average up. Yes, I gave another old-lady-bath. I've averaged a little over one bath (of a woman over the age 40) a day for the last few days.

Hoo-boy. I think everyone should have to bathe another individual at least once. In fact, everyone should have to do it multiple times. (Suffer as I have!) It's an experience - that's about all I can say about that.

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10:20 am

I'm going to have to work to catch up in English...darn it. The class is five chapters into a novel and I don't have the blasted book yet, so I think tonight and tomorrow night will consist of much make-up reading. I need to start actually doing the assignments ;)

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4:32 pm

...the funniest bits always seem to come from Javaheads. There's just something about that language that seems to attract the clinically insane!

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