sunday, sep. 29th, 2002

7:49 pm

Ha-HA! I did much driving, and it was good.

Went to Wisconsin for a wedding; left at 8:30 yesterday morning. Got to the wedding (In Oshkosh) with 20 minutes to spare before the ceremony started.

Got to the reception and saw quite a few people I hadn't seen since my freshman year of high school, so that was fun. Heck, just seeing James get married was fun. I forgot how much I like that guy. ;)

Proceeded to ditch at 9:30 and head toward Milwaukee...Neal and Tashana both suck. We'll leave it at that for now. (Kara would suck, too, but she called me today and we have an understanding now.)

Continued my trek homeward. Didn't get home (to Macomb) until 6 AM.

I did somewhere around 14 hours of driving on one sleep cycle. Know what's sick and twisted? I loved every minute of it. Even the last hour or two when I felt like going to sleep. I miss driving on a regular basis. ;)

I want to do it again. Maybe sometime. Maybe this fall or this winter.

I haven't walked around the city in the middle of winter yet, after all. Snowy city joy could be just what I need.

We'll see.

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