March 28th, 2003

the moon

What the hell

I feel left behind. The little band I tried to introduce so many of you to last year has grown up from the unsigned little MossEisley has turned into the Warner/Reprise property Eisley. And they have an EP coming up, and they're going to be way too big to play Cornerstone anymore or remember me and it's going to PISS ME OFF because I was one of the few (okay, thousands of) people who loved them something good last July, and now I'ma be left behind like all the other playas.


On the other hand, I'm happy for them. I'm not sure I can condone the act of signing with a major label like that (too big too soon too fast and all that) but good for them. They get to open for Coldplay; they get good producers and trips to LA. They get all the exposure a major label can afford, like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone mentions.

It's a tradeoff; I just hope they don't lose the personality.