April 24th, 2003

torn sky

Cheeses of Nazareth

Talk about death enough lately? I figure I'm up to my quota by now.

Okay, people, particularly Kristy and Mandee, want to go to a Five Iron/Insyderz show next Thursday? I want to. I'm going to. You're welcome to come with. It's up in Elgin, so it's a four hour trip from Macomb. The concert starts at 7, so I plan on leaving at least by 2:30, probably 2. Farmington is kinda on the way, so we'd be by there around 3-3:30. Tickets are ~$18. We wouldn't get back until...wayyyyyy late in the early-Friday-morning time. Think probably three or later. It's a commitment, but I'm going to make it along with a few other friends. Come with me! We shall meet tiffythepunk and make merry!