May 27th, 2003

torn sky

Well wow.

I slept for thirteen hours, in a row, uninterrupted.

I don't do that unless I'm really tired.

Take THAT Nathan!
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torn sky

Life in the city

[jonathan]: I saw something quite unexpected today
[me]: which was...?
[jonathan]: so anyhow, I was riding Julie's bike, right, and I rode to a park
[jonathan]: so I went off on a side trail that went like thirty feet in from the rest of the main park
[jonathan]: and I'm riding along, and all of a sudden I come accross a man and a woman doing it doggy style
[me]: did you throw things at them?
[jonathan]: no......i rode right on by them, and was like, "excuse me"
[me]: you talked to them? =P
[jonathan]: i just kind of mumbled it as I was riding by
torn sky

(no subject)

OK, so when Drew gets back from having his shoulder poked and prodded we're both going to get extra holes in us.

My ear is going to get two more holes, one to make the current captive bead into an orbital, and another closer to the middle that will be a short barbell until it heals, then it'll hold whatever studs I feel like putting in.

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