friday, may. 30th, 2003

2:45 am - changin' my journal.

Well, S2 is an evil thing. I think I will understand it sometime in the next few weeks, but as of now it's still rather confusing.

At least I have my color scheme ported over - that part didn't prove to be too hard. I suppose the rest won't be either if I focus on it, but therein lies the problem.

The comments pages currently look like shit, but I hope to have that semi-corrected by the end of tonight.

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2:59 am - NO MORE UGLIES!

Okay, the comment pages on my journal aren't *as* ugly now. They're still going to get a MAJOR overhaul. Just you wait and see.

This one's goin' out my niggaz and the playas that luvved my previous's getting ported to S2.

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