sunday, jun. 8th, 2003

4:00 pm - Apparently...

I'm 1337-er than most everyone but suppafly. Want proof? Woo-ha I got y'all in check.

Okay, that was an uncharicteristically cocky post.

Now, how the HECK does their ranking system work? It really does not make sense to me at all...

- - - - -

Oh yeah, uh Tony Stewart owns you all.

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4:24 pm - I want to go to NYC

...if only for this. Who's with me?

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4:37 pm - Once again

The phantom Becky has signed on to AIM. Weird.

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9:15 pm - No family pride

Evan just told me that he had an opportunity to kill Jack Valenti (Okay, he said he got his picture taken with him, I extrapolated the rest) while he was in DC. The worst part? he didn't.

I'm making him pack a knife next time he goes to hang out with lobbyists. You know, just in case.

[I'm so gonna get tracked down by the FBI for this post, and my terrorist point-of-view.]

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9:20 pm

Dude, I've posted like eleventy-six times today and nobody posted a comment yet.


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