January 2nd, 2004

torn sky

Phone Post:

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“This is the most awesome January I can ever remember. Seriously. Early morning, January 2nd. Forty-five degrees out. It's supposed to get like.. fifty-nine, sixty degrees tomorrow during the day. It's.. just a beautiful, foggy evening. 'takin Moe(?) out for a walk. I dunno, it's just the kinda thing that I expect to be able to do during the summer, but not during these... Midwest winters. Maybe it's a.. sign of things to come? *laughs* I hope so! I don't like cold. I'm allergic to it.

Uh.. yeah. Sorry, this is about the first time I've been uh.. on the livejournal radar for about a month or so, but.. it's cos.. I haven't felt like posting. So far, I've moved to a new house which I'm kind of enjoying because I have... ass loads of free space.. for myself, which is wonderful.

*sigh* And uh, let's see, I've adopted two rats. Debbie and Reuben. Debbie is a.. little furless thing. She's GREAT. And Reuben.. he's furry and gray. *laugh* They're.. they're fun. Especially with Moe. Moe likes to, uh.. well, he hasn't tried to eat either of them yet, which is pretty impressive to me. He just kinda likes to.. stare at them, and occasionally try to lick them.

But.. since Moe is taking me on a walk, I suppose I will.. let you to your own business.”

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torn sky

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I long to re-live the mistake resting in the corner. It's just a matter of time.
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