thursday, feb. 5th, 2004

12:41 am

smittyl99: OK, Drew, I have to set the mood. Imagine you are in "The Little Mermaid." Okay, not in her you sick fuck, in the movie.
Drewdean4: you are such a douche, i like it.
smittyl99: now that your brain's in the right place, imagine the part of the movie where the two are in the little canoe, and Ssabastian is striking up the band.
smittyl99: Sha na na na na na now don't be shy...
smittyl99: You wanna kisss de girl...
smittyl99: (while the seagull is going "WAAA WA WA WAAAAAAAAHHH"
Drewdean4: whoa whoa.
smittyl99: in the background"
smittyl99: )
Drewdean4: i'm on your level buddy
smittyl99: hehe

He then proceeded to be a bastard to me.

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