October 6th, 2004

iwillmakemyown, powerful

IIIIIINNNN the past week or two:

Went to Chicago via Amtrak last Friday and returned Saturday night. (A week and a half ago, now.) Wandered around town all day Friday, visiting Apple stores, eating Thai food, and riding the occasional CTA bus. Hung out with Clayton and his groupies that night and all day Saturday, playing games at the local cyber cafe and whatnot. A good time was had by all, and I used almost every form of public transportation within that two-day span.

And I didn't get raped down some dark alley.

Tuesday night, found a hidden camera in our bathroom. After much research, consultation, and deliberation, the other roomies and I decided to turn in the culprit. Ask me if you really need more details.

Didn't get too much sleep Thursday night, but that's just as well since I got to drive to Michigan for Lance and Tiff's wedding. Stayed in a little cabin on a lake for a couple nights, went to a really great wedding, hung out with some really great guys. Life is good.

Worked my way back Sunday morning after making a stop at one of Bob Bell's sermons. (I'd give you a link, but I can't find one now. The way J.Nev talkes about him, you can assume he's great. I'd put him at "pretty darn good.") Stopped by Lafayette to visit the parents, have a lovely time with them.

Got in the car to go to work yesterday, and it didn't want to start. At least I made it back from Michigan.

Today, changed my address with the voter registration folks and went to the doctor for a few minor issues. I asked him how early is too early to start checking cholesterol levels. He said "20" and then said I'm fair game. (I have a family history of high cholesterol on one side and low on the other, so I'm quite curious how this'll turn out.) We'll know the results in a day or two.

My veins kick all the little ventricular asses of your veins. I'm super-easy to start an IV or a blood draw from, and I don't bruise up or bleed a lot afterwards. Suck it.

That's most of it. Have fun. (By the way...I've not been drinking, but I've been typing like a drunk. If there are typos, that's why.)

P.S. I got a shirt with a squirrel holding a baseball bat, facing away from a pile of peanuts. Above the furry little critter are the words "protect your nuts." Oh yes. I went there.
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I have a proud history of musical roomies

Katie: Last thing.......
Katie: Aaron re-wrote Disco Inferno about the fire in Rome and sang it to his 4 world history classes! He was a hit with "Roman Inferno"!
Katie: he sang to a karaoke cd. Okay. Peace!
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