tuesday, jan. 4th, 2005

6:46 am

My eyes snapped open and my body lay taut as the shreik echoed in my ears. The only sound now was Drew rushing up the stairs to find out what's wrong. Or is it an assailant? No, that's the rats scampering around their wheel. Maybe the cat's coming up the stairs, to see what the noise is about?

- - - -

That's the most vivid nightmare I've had in a long long time. I usually welcome the blurry line between reality and unconsciousness, but that was not fun. I'm still nto sure whether my scream was real or imagined. I'm leaning toward imagined, as the tone was in a register I haven't been able to hit since I was ten.

That still doesn't mean it wasn't echoing in my ears, though. That was unleasant. Let's have some good dreams now.

::heads back to bed::

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