July 28th, 2005

blood smear

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I love the people that invented wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and the TV-out on video cards.

My "real" monitor died, so I have to use something else to take its place for the time being. As such, I'm sitting on the couch and watching my computer on the TV, with the mouse on my right leg and the keyboard balanged on my left.

I haven't been able to fix my old monitor, which is disappointing. I knew it was going, but didn't exactly want it to be so soon. I tried finding scematics for it so I could have a better time of repairing it, but the only "Gateway EV700" info I can find deals with a later version of the monitor. The board changed a lot between versions, so the new schematic is useless. Oh well. I've had the monitor for over six years; it was getting to be time to move on.
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