wednesday, aug. 10th, 2005

2:38 am - Well, shit.

I got jacked on the L tonight and had my phone stolen. My jaw's still sore, but at least I'm still around to speak about it. Seriously...fuck me. I didn't exactly want to spend my evening this way.

What's worse is I finally got back home two hours later than I initially would have (talking with police, having to take a longer route since the green line's last train ran while I was occupied...) and I have work at nine. In other words, I get to get up at seven.

Like I said. Fuck me.

- - - - -

What's really getting to me now is the anger I feel toward the group of punk-ass-bitches that did it. Like...right now, I still want to introduce a few of them to the pointy end of a knife. I don't like that feeling.

I'm a little shaken. Maybe I'll feel better after getting a little sleep. We'll see.

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