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Phone Post: Unmarked police car

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“I was driving back from a friend's house in the near-West suburbs of Chicago on the Eisenhower ... and, uh, this taxi flew by me really quickly. Probably 95 in an area where the speed limit's 55. And then, following relatively close behind was a car that looked entirely normal except for headlights that were alternating between high and low beams.
And, and I realized pretty quickly that this must be a police car but it's like the most unmarked of police cars that I've ever seen. Cause every other car I've seen had the red and blue lights hiding in the grill, just above the dash, things like that. But this car didn't even have those. The only difference between this car and a regular civilian car were the headlights. Uh, it didn't even have government plates, the plates on it were just plates like any other car.
So, I don't know why I feel this is worth telling you all, but, it just seemed odd because every other car I've seen had some sort of -- regardless of whether it was an unmarked car or a marked car -- it had government plates and blue-and-red lights. This one had neither.”

Transcribed by: sestren

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