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Interesting night

Ahhhhh, Cornerstone is such sweet bliss...I got to see great bands and talk with nifty people and eat a tenderloin - and that was JUST ONE DAY!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Echoing Green are going to play Friday night. So, my "I need to see them play" list is still growing.

I saw Jacobstone and Joy Electric tonight, and was not let down. Also some guy named Dave Beegle rocked both Kristy and my socks. Guitar master. She picked up a CD, I hope he's around next year - he'll be on my "I will see" list for sure. We also saw Ghoti Hook and Squad 5-0 in passing. Ghoti Hook was pretty gool, but the Squad left something to be desired. Oh well, it's all part of the fun.

This is my current "must-see" list for the rest of this week:
Faith Massive
(optional: Caedmon's Call)
Brave St. Saturn
Five Iron Frenzy
Sleeping At Last
Joy Electric (again! woo!)
Over the Rhine (Acoustic set)
The Juliana Theory
The Echoing Green (part of the Dark Rave)
Brandtson (again!)
Vigilantes of Love (may fudge on this one)
Reliant K
Over the Rhine (Electric set)

BTW, OtR is an excellent way to close out the fest. At least they were last year. I'm damn near ecstatic they're playing twice.

Oh, other interesting thing today...I was shocked by a little tidbit I learned about Kristy. Sorry, though, it's most definitely private-entry material. She'll get to see it, but that's it for people other than me.

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