brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

...and Kenna:

I spent a long-ass time last night/this morning faking the video for "Hell Bent." See, the song didn't have a video made specifically for it. There was an animated short made last year called More. The creator of the short and the Kenna guy supposedly knew each other, so the music video is basically the short (minus the credits) with the Kenna song instead of the original soundtrack.

So...I found a decent copy of the short, converted the .ASF to .AVI (so I could edit it), clipped the extra footage, and put in the song for the audio track. What I ended up with is almost identical to the "real" video, but I'm sure there are a few differences...especially the way the audio is not in exactly the right spot etc.

Anyway, it looks good, sounds good, and you can get a general idea for how extremely good the video is ;)

I'll post the video for y'all to download later, btu right now it's on my home computer. I'll have to upload it to my work computer or something for mass distribution.

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