brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

I have something new to try...

As cool as a jet engine is (wow...) I would of have bought big plastic bags, filled them up with the expanding gas, [propane from a tank] sealed the bags, got throughly drunk with my cold beer and then shot the bags with a flare gun and watch mini-mushroom clouds appear in my backyard.
Come on. Being a pyro keeps you sane ;)
BTW, this also works with 2 liter pop bottles (plastic) filled with a bit (1/4 bic lighter) of butane. Just throw those into a camp fire (watching for stray sparks of course, to avoid setting forest fires, and be sure to be about 10 feet away when you throw it).
Come on, whats better - cold beer and explosions shortly thereafter or cold beer and a jet engine that takes weeks to build?

-a Slashdot comment

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