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Okay, this is the mother of all entries.

Coarse language ahead. Frank discussion of weird shit will follow this warning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The remainder of this post was written at between three-forty-five and five in the morning. Get used to the time shift.

Tonight was FUCKED UP. I shall give you short story form, with names changed because you probably don't need to know. Actually, it's because some people on my friends list know at least some of the people involved, and I don't want this to be rumor fodder. If you don't know these people in real life, I very well might give you access to the "key" to all this. Otherwise, just enjoy the ride. Oh yeah, where the names have not been changed, it's because I care not for those I don't know. Especially when they fuck with my friends.

First, the back story. A few weeks ago, when I was out of town a Band came to the local bar. Two of my very good friends, Girl A and Girl B, went to see said band. They were out to have a good time, and partook of more than a little alcohol while at the bar. They met up with the members of the band, and went back to their motel room(s).

Not so bad so far, right? Not really. First, Girl A was at the time dating Guy A. Guy A went with the two Girls to the bar, but the Girls ditched him. That was mostly the limit for Girl A's shenanigans. Girl B, on the other hand, went all the way with the lead of band. Who is ten years older than her. And she had just met him that night. Overall, a rather dangerous, if not self-destructive action. *(Secret Note)

Both Girls got back the next morning...after leaving Guy A wondering where they were all night. Not the way to keep friends, let alone keep a boyfriend.

So in the past few weeks both Girls have admitted the problems with their ways to all acquaintances that know the story. They repeatedly said they didn't want to repeat that incident. We believed them, and went out to the bar tonight. After all, a Band was playing tonight. (kin ya sense the foreshadowing?)

As we arrived at the bar, the lead of the Band was outside. Girl A and Girl B said hello, made five seconds of idle chat, and then we proceeded into the bar. Everything was fine until about an hour after the second band started playing. Guy A came to me and said effectively "Some shit went down with the Girls. I need to leave." As I've said before, I give a shit with my friends, so I went along. I wanted to make sure they didn't do anything stupid; anything they would regret later.

We searched way too long, going to motels to find the Girls. Fruitless. Upon returning to Girl B's house, we find (surprise!) Girl B, along with two members of the band. The band member who had unsuccessfully tried to get with Girl A last time was watching a movie, while the Lead Dick of the band was in Girl B's bed "sleeping." As soon as we got there, Girl B said Girl A had left walking. She also swore up and down she did nothing with the Backstreet Boy. It was cold comfort, as he was in her bed. He was awake then, but "had been sleeping." He is/was sick; that much is verifiable, but still. Ugh.

Within a few minutes, Girl B decided she had forgotten her camera at the bar. She and the two band guys would take her back to get it. I needed to go back to the bar as well, to pick up a friend, so I almost hopped into their van. I don't know what the exact reason was, but I ended up taking Guy A's car.

I followed the van back to the bar, and followed them in. I got the person right away, and Girl B got her camera right away. Unfortunately, she wouldn't come back. She promised me she would be back in a few minutes. I assumed she wouldn't lie to me - naiveté can make you do strange things. (I now wish I had ridden back to the bar in the van - if they had to take me back I would have gotten Girl B back home too!)

After another hour at Girl B’s house, Girl A had found her way back to Guy A. She got mad points from me for doing the semi-responsible thing. She left instead of getting involved over her head with guys she doesn’t know. I just wish she had gotten Girl B to be as responsible. Oh, you haven’t heard? Well, the story’s not quite over. Get your ass back in the seat! I’ll tell you when I’m through!

As I mentioned, Girl B was still not back home at that point. She promised me she would be back “in a few minutes.” Evidently that definition has changed in the last few years, because I believe she is still not home as I write this. It is now two hours after the bars close, and she is at the motel of the band.

Lying to me is never a good way to make anything work. Some people will just say that; some actually mean it. I am one of the latter. If you did something stupid, be honest. If you are (or are not) going to do something, be honest. I believe that most people who have tested that little rule with me have been pleasantly surprised. I may be upset, but it’s much better to gain trust in that manner than to lose trust by lying to me. I don’t hold things against people later. If an issue should be dropped, I will drop it. Just DON’T LIE TO ME. If you have to dodge an issue, do it. I will probably still bug you for the truth, but you still have trust if you are withholding something rather than lying about it. GRAAAAHHHAAAAAA pet peeve. That was a tangent, and I apologize.

Okay, so a little more detail for those who care: Girl B has been casually seeing Guy B for a few weeks now. He thinks it’s more serious than it is, while she is still working up the will to tell him it’s not going to work out. Classic recipe for disaster, and it just got worse tonight. Guy B happened to show up at the bar, and tagged along for too much of tonight. He saw the gal he emotionally attached to with another guy, and that’s never good. If I were him, I’d take the hint, but Guy B has some issues. First off, relationships are historically bad for him, and he’s become an alcoholic recently. He was hitting the Southern Comfort as soon as we got back to Girl B’s house. It wasn’t his to begin with, and I had to physically hide the alcohol while he was in the john to get it away from him. Guy B is getting dicked over by Girl B, and Girl B is getting just as screwed by Girl B. She’s self-destructing. She has been falling apart for the last six months, but I haven’t been around her enough until recently to notice. (She wasn’t here until school started, and I pretty quickly saw she was going downhill.)

I am now just stuck with my mind repeating "THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. IS THERE NOTHING I CAN DO?" FUCKING PISSING ME OFF. I don't want to sleep now. I want to resolve this. I want to figure out what the bell is going on. I wish Girl B would be consistent for 24 DAMNED HOURS! Alas, I must go to sleep now. The time for doing shit about this will have to be tomorrow.

Is there any real advice any of you have? Hell, if you don’t want to post it here, e-mail me. You can find that info easily enough in my user profile. I am at a loss for what to do. This is all confusing to me and pissing me off at the same time.

Should I just try to stay out of it? (At this point, it would be more like trying to get out of it.) Am I doing the right thing by trying to protect my friends in such ways? I would like to think I am, but some people don’t take too kindly to interference by others. I shall talk to Girl B tomorrow. I shall try to talk things out. Comments and questions are more than welcome. I know if you had the stamina to read all this you have to be thinking something; say it!

P.S.: I’m impressed I only needed a Girl A/B and a Guy A/B. I first thought I would have to use many more letters. I suppose I could have used better names, but I’m not going back and changing all the references now...

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