brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

I saw this recipe, now I need me some steak!

Take out a sealable casserole dish, a bowl, a meat brush, a meat fork, and the following seasonings:
Garlic Powder - 1 TBSP.
Salt - 1/2 TBSP.
Onion Powder - 1/2 TBSP.
Cracked Black Peppercorns - 1/2 TBSP.
Minced Onion - 3 TBSP.
Fresh Chopped Garlic - 1 Clove
Worsteshire Sauce - 1/2 cup
Liquid Smoke - 3 drops

Take all the powder and liquid ingredients and mix them in the bowl. Make sure that the Worshteshire soaks into the dry ingredients and fluffs the minced onions a bit. Take the meat and place it into the casserole dish, poke it a few times all the way through with the meat fork and brush the meat with the sauce mixture.

Turn the meat over and then do the same again, then pour the remaining mixture over your steaks. Seal the container airtight and put it in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours.

Slap them babies on the grill and cook to taste and you have one of the best steaks you will ever eat.

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