brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

Kristy ruined my story. By posting it. So don't read hers, read mine. It's better, because I was there man! And sober! (Oh, the trauma, I probably would fare better psychologically if I had been inebriated...)

Anyhow, this story starts as any good story does - with FOOD! Miss Kristin had been bugging me (and others near her) to go eat at El Rancherito for a few days. I agreed to go with, since I like food. Especially if it's edible.

Food was good, as expected. Mmmm those Mexicans can make food. As is customary, we paid for our food. A few other persons had jsut finished paying; I was the last of a mini-line. Just as I'm payin' tha man, I feel a little pokey-rubby-sensation in my lower back. You know, that place that's way below your shoulders and just a bit above your butt. It's not the kind of place that gets touched often by people that aren't very close friends. ;) Anyhow, I run the quick mental check. Kristy was a few feet too far off to the side to be the person molesting me. "It must be someone else I know...or is it?"

I got the courage to glance over my shoulder, and saw this middle-aged guy. He walked away quickly and says (to his wife) "I thought you were still paying." Ugh. Kristy saw thsi go down, and ducked otu of the door on the way to their car before the happy couple. I'm still there trying to get the correct change from the incompetent staff, all the while wondering what the hell just happend and then it clicked.

My hair is now officially too long. I have been mistaken for someone's wife.

The best part is this little twist: I know the guy. He works on campus in the Phys. Ed. department. I set up a computer lab for him over the past summer; he should damn well know my face by now. I wonder if he took the time to see who I was, or if he was just so embarrassed he ran off without letting it register.

Anyhow, I think I might just call him at work tomorrow. You know, mention "bumping into him" at The Ranch last night, harass him about it. Ah, the fun one could have. Then I could threaten to press for judicial action on campus for "sexual advances on a student" or something.

Just think, I got all this and mexican food tonight!

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