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I do not care who wins... such, I shall make my "damn I'm pissed" post now. You know, beat the rush.

Damn I'm pissed at ______. They never should have lost to the ______. I mean, what was the coach thinking!? That last play...just a sad attempt to do the impossible. The ______ suck, and everyone knows it now. Well, maybe not suck since they made it this far...but you get the point. Thw worst part of all this? I live in the town where the Rams camp out during the summer, so the Rams fan ratio here is all messed up. I'm going to have to deal with a billion fans tomorrow, all in a tizzy because of tonight's results.

At least I got to watch some commercials. The Pepsi ones were lame. So were the beer commercials. Thoroughly disappointing. I miss all the dot-coms that ran ads last year. They didn't do anything for the companies, but at least they were entertaining!

On a related note, those mlife people deserve what they got. I mean...being total bastards and not tellign us what their product is...trying to get people to go online. And now their site is refusing connections. So nobody will find out what they're all about. And their ad campaign will be for naught, because no one will care by this time tomorrow. It'll just be another failed dot-com that wasted all their money on Superbowl ads.

I'll make updates as necessary, but I don't anticipate the need for any corrections...

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