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Y'all are missin the hell out...

I jsut spent an hour and a half outside playing in the SCHNOOOOW!

Yeah. Threw snowballs. Fun.

Threw a snowball at a car. Even more fun. Got honked out. (Think of a cross between honked at and cussed out...yeah.)

Slid in the parking lot. WEEEEEEEEE!

Signed my name in the snow. Did it by shuffling my feet a lot, making 20-foot-high letters. Now, I own the field behind the Newman Center. Yeah! Take that, Catholics!

Wrote in the snow on the sidewalk. Even made hand a boot-prints next to a mini signature. So I own the big field and a block of sidewalk. Any bidders?

My clothing is rather soaked, but inside is warm and I have dry clothes. Happiness!

Bring on the chai, wench! Er...uh...time to get some chai.

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