brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

Sooooooooooo loneeeelyieieieeeee

Or not. Hear that? All my homes in Ye Olde New England can just stay away forever because I don't miss you. And I'm not using the TiVo for any of your shows. At all. Or maybe I am...then I'll delete all your shows just moments before you get back! BWA HA HA!

I'm playing WarCraft III beta a lot. And Adam sucks, because he said he'd be on to play some and he's not anywhere in sight. POO ON YOU!

I miss all my peoples. Yeah the first paragraph was a lie. I think I'll have to go hunt down Emily...she should be around. And maybe I'll go feed Dub's fish. They got food earlier today, but I think they need more. Fatten up them oscars then I can eat 'em! MMMMM mini-fish is GOOD EATIN'!

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