thursday, jul. 28th, 2005

6:22 pm

Alright, vote for my pretty pretty picture.

I said for, not against. If you vote against it, I shall hunt you down and make you eat kimchee.

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2:56 am

I love the people that invented wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and the TV-out on video cards.

My "real" monitor died, so I have to use something else to take its place for the time being. As such, I'm sitting on the couch and watching my computer on the TV, with the mouse on my right leg and the keyboard balanged on my left.

I haven't been able to fix my old monitor, which is disappointing. I knew it was going, but didn't exactly want it to be so soon. I tried finding scematics for it so I could have a better time of repairing it, but the only "Gateway EV700" info I can find deals with a later version of the monitor. The board changed a lot between versions, so the new schematic is useless. Oh well. I've had the monitor for over six years; it was getting to be time to move on.

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friday, jul. 1st, 2005

2:15 am - I'm with Drew on thsi one

I don't care what they say about potential damage to the eardrum; there is no feeling finer than the sensation of a Q-Tip in your ear canal.

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sunday, jun. 5th, 2005

10:43 pm - Phone Post:

110K 0:33
“Hey kids, in case you're entirely out of the loop, I live in Chicago now. Yeah, a lot of you know that, or at least knew I was moving up here, but, um, it's great for me. I live up on the North Shore, right up about two blocks away from the beach which is great for me when I feel like wandering around late at night. And uh...yeah, I don't have much else to update you on at the moment, but if you feel like dropping me a line if you're in the neighborhood, feel free to call me, or send an e-mail or something like that. Talk to you later, buh-bye.”

Transcribed by: guitarchick9

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wednesday, may. 18th, 2005

10:38 am - News of the World

Update: Dah Kittah has returned!

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sunday, may. 15th, 2005

10:19 am

The kitty is missing. I think Dub and/or Jay accidentally let her out yesterday.


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monday, may. 9th, 2005

11:06 pm - Phone Post:

179K 0:46
“So, ahh.. I forgot to mention that I went to Best Buy tonight to pick up a couple of CD's. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one of them that I was looking for. The dual-disc version of "The Downward Spiral".....I know you want it, you don't have to tell me. Anyhow, when I couldn't find that, one of the employees overheard my plight; and then made it a point to be..relatively bitchy to me. But not the mean spiteful bitchy, but the playful, flirtatious bitchy. And....I thought it was kind of odd. know....whatever. And I thought about asking her about her layaway plan but then thought better of it, 'cause thats entirely too dirty. Anyhow, this has been your off color post for the evening.”

Transcribed by: xsquealx

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10:59 pm - Phone Post:

33K 0:07
“So now I've graduated and I'm officially better at mixing drinks than anyone”

Transcribed by: guitarchick9

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12:44 am - Phone Post: Unmarked police car

272K 1:11
“I was driving back from a friend's house in the near-West suburbs of Chicago on the Eisenhower ... and, uh, this taxi flew by me really quickly. Probably 95 in an area where the speed limit's 55. And then, following relatively close behind was a car that looked entirely normal except for headlights that were alternating between high and low beams.
And, and I realized pretty quickly that this must be a police car but it's like the most unmarked of police cars that I've ever seen. Cause every other car I've seen had the red and blue lights hiding in the grill, just above the dash, things like that. But this car didn't even have those. The only difference between this car and a regular civilian car were the headlights. Uh, it didn't even have government plates, the plates on it were just plates like any other car.
So, I don't know why I feel this is worth telling you all, but, it just seemed odd because every other car I've seen had some sort of -- regardless of whether it was an unmarked car or a marked car -- it had government plates and blue-and-red lights. This one had neither.”

Transcribed by: sestren

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saturday, may. 7th, 2005

5:59 pm

Discipline doesn't work unless it's founded on the kind of security that comes from knowing you're loved.


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1:13 am - Phone Post: Virgin Mary on the Dan Ryan Expressway

196K 0:52
“I'm in Chicago right now, as some of you may or may not now. But what amazes me is that the local news lead off with a story about how this image of the virgin Mary had appeared on the wall of an underpass on the Dan Ryan Expressway. And some person had apparently had defaced it by writing over it with shoepolish. And it's, like, the biggest news. It's just insane. But, I suppose, if you're Catholic enough to have this, uh, amazing desire to see the image of Mary multiple places, I suppose it is a big deal. Being a Protestant, I just don't get that. Oh well.”

Transcribed by: sestren

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tuesday, apr. 26th, 2005

12:34 am - I just chipped a tooth.

I have to stop chewing on metal.

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saturday, apr. 23rd, 2005

4:31 pm

So, yesterday was Earth Day. In the name of all that's right and good, I wrecked a tanker and clubbed a seal. What did you do to remind Mother Nature that you're an adult and she can't control you any more? Hopefully something wonderful - I expect a full report.

I purchased a new book. I think it'll be good, but only time will tell.

Oh, by the way, I'm likely moving up to Chicago in a month or so. I'm not sure where I'll be living or what I'll be doing, but it shall be fun. I'm working on getting the details worked out as we speak...

I've got to stop leaving the important things at the bottom. Half of you will likely just skim past that line....oh well. =P

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tuesday, mar. 22nd, 2005

3:03 pm

Crap dude, Eisley is the iTunes Music Store free download of the week. Cool.

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saturday, mar. 12th, 2005

4:57 pm

Jackson tried to eat Audrey's hamster. I told him he's a bad dog and kicked him out of the room.

Just be sure you don't tell Audrey that Jacques got a thin coating of dog slobber today.

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